Works in Progress

Swathes of shrubs wrap around the house with hundreds of new trees scattered across the landscape

A luxury newbuild, forever home needed a forever landscape that built on the wider wilder surroundings of the property to immerse the new house into a woodland setting.

Surrounded by trees the garden needed to connect, penetrate, and bring greenery into the very heart of the home with huge amounts of glass meaning the garden and wider landscape is very visible from every room.

Terraces have been designed around specific uses for the connecting rooms alongside aspect with particular focus on client memories and an element of fun. Beyond the built areas mown grass pathways lead out from the house into the landscape visually connecting the two while encouraging people out to explore the wider garden.

Vast swathes of shrub planting wrap around the house with hundreds of new trees, ornamental and fruit, are scattered across the landscape with little to no formal lawn areas, the grass being left longer with meadow areas a plenty.

Designed by: Stuart Charles Towner Built by: Bowles & Wyer Ltd


In all projects every last inch of space must be made to work hard to achieve the end result, but none more so than this tiny courtyard garden in Brighton.

Tucked behind a charming terrace house in Kemp Town is this small garden, no more than 2m deep by 5m wide, that was left over when the previous owners extended the basement kitchen.

The clients brief requires the garden to have high visual impact from inside the main entertaining space on the lower ground floor, physical outside space for barbecuing and sitting along with the inclusion of verdant, lush planting to fill the space with life and ‘Toad’ a unique pub game.

Designed by: Stuart Charles Towner Built by: tbc