individually crafted gardens

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Process As one client is as different to the next, the design process can vary widely dependent on the service you are after. However the following stages are a general breakdown of some of the items that could be undertaken. Design Package: Brief - On first meeting with the client a 'Wish List' of things the client requires from the garden is complied, alongside likes and dislikes of all elements, materials, plants etc. Survey - If a commission is undertaken a full site survey will be undertaken. Outline Proposal & Presentation Plans - Outline master plan for the areas in question, with presentation drawings to support the design. This will outline the specific areas of the garden, terraces, planting areas, features with broad ideas and suggested details. Design Detail/Setting Out - The master plans and outline drawings will be fine tuned and greater detail added to produce the final designs drawings. From these setting out drawings will be created for the laying out of the garden. Construction Detail Drawings - Drawings will be provided to support the construction of relevant parts of the garden where required. Planting Plans - Detailed planting plans will be provided for the implementation of the planting for the garden, with each planting area detail alongside a schedule of plants.