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Green Seam Project Details: Type: Show Garden Location: Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 Contractor: RDC Landscapes Ltd Designed by: WILLIAMS & TOWNER RHS Gold Medal and Best In Show Based on a former colliery in East Kent, Betteshanger, the garden depicts the past history of this former colliery spoil site and its current regeneration and transformation into a sustainable park, visitor centre and Kent Mining Heritage Museum. The garden was designed in collaboration with a good friend and colleague, Bethany Williams who actually covered the closure of the mine as a journalist back in the late 80's. We undertake design projects together under Williams & Towner with several currently in development. The drive behind the garden was the strong story of the people, a past that must not be forgotten, alongside the important work the Hadlow Group are doing to regenerate the area. 'It is the story of the regeneration and revitalisation of an isolated area of East Kent that was devastated after the coal industry shut the last of the Kent coalfields. While celebrating East Kent's mining heritage, the garden depicts the transformation of a former colliery site into a sustainable park for education, sustainable business and community use and a new heritage museum for Kent Mining. The garden also shows how pioneer plant species (some of which are rare) can colonise apparently hostile environments such as spoil heaps, and transform them into places of beauty. The garden shows the contrast between the dark colliery spoil and the vivid greens and pinks of the plants - the black seam of coal becomes a green seam of sustainable growth"

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